ZeeVee Delivers 4K IP with ZyPer4K

The latest version of the ZeeVee ZyPer4K is an uncompressed, switching and video distribution solution for IP and fiber with zero latency, on exhibit at the 2017 NAB Show.

The new ZeeVee ZyPer4K is designed to simplify video transport and distribution over IP with virtual plug and play configuration with the ZyPer Management platform and nearly any off the shelf 10Gb Ethernet switch. Prior to ZyPer4K, ZeeVee used coax for video distribution.

The latest version of ZyPer4K offers full HDMI 2.0 compatibility including support for 4K HDR10, optional video inputs for display port, 3G-SDI and analog and flexible multi-view configurations allowing multiple sources to be displayed on a single screen.

“ZyPer4K is ideal for broadcasters looking to cost effectively distribute high quality images / video throughout their facility with zero latency,” Chris Scurto, vice president sales and marketing, ZeeVee. “Broadcasters are migrating their workflow into IP. ZyPer4K allows for the distribution of workflow content, uncompressed, and with zero latency, allowing staff to review production in real time and with pixel for pixel accuracy,” he added.

What is ZyPer4K?

ZyPer4K consists of several ZyPer4K Encoder and ZyPer4K Decoder models, and the ZyPer Management Platform. It supports distribution of uncompressed 4K UHD with audio and other embedded data signals using off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet switching technology. Versions are available for both HDMI1.4 and HDMI 2.0. The encoders and decoders are also available in both fiber and copper versions. The encoders and decoders support video up to 4k/60 4:4:4 including HDR (High Dynamic Range).

All ZyPer4K devices use standard Ethernet addressing to facilitate reliable distribution of sources to targets/displays. ZyPer4K is designed to work with any 10Gb Ethernet switch that supports Multicast and IGMP snooping. Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping allows a switch to forward only multicast traffic between encoder and decoders that have requested it.

Product performance has been verified with a variety of 10Gb switches from Netgear, Arista, Dell, Cisco, Extreme Networks, HP and ZyXel. Users requiring seamless switching will need a 10Gb switch that also supports fastleave/immediate-leave.

Bandwidth requirements

ZyPer4K encodes video, audio, and control signals, in addition to any additional network traffic from devices connected to the encoder or decoder 1 Gb Ethernet utility ports. The bandwidth for encoding 1080p/60fps video requires approximately 3.25 Gbps. Encoding UltraHD (4k/30 4:4:4 or 4k/60 4:2:0) requires approximately 6.5 Gbps. 4k/60 4:4:4 signals require approximately 13.0 Gbps which can be lightly compressed with no visual loss to be capable of transmission on a 10Gb link.

The system maintains HDCP Key management through secure key negotiation at both source and display and the use of 128-bit AES encryption on packetized Ethernet data between all sources and displays.

ZyPer4K is especially attractive for applications where some combination of UltraHD video, zero frame latency and pixel for pixel video reproduction is essential. Less than 50ms latency is typical.

ZyPer4K routing is infinity scalable and completely flexible with regard to I/O configurations, not limited to the conventional 4x4, 16x16, 32x32 and so on, typical to video routers. Any combination of inputs and outputs on a particular network switch. For example, a 24 port Network switch can be configured as 1x23, 2x22, 3x21, up to 21x3.

HID support

ZyPer4K comes in models that support KVM applications using USB2.0 connected devices. To achieve this, ZyPer3K uses ExtremeUSB technology from ICRON. Any USB2.0 or lower human interface device (HID) peripheral can connect into ZyPer4K USB enabled encoders and decoders.

Analog audio inserted into any ZyPer4K encoder can be combined/embedded at its destination (ZyPer4K decoder) into the outbound HDMI signal. Also, the embedded digital audio on an HDMI signal can be de-embedded at its destination (ZyPer4k decoder) and sent to either the HDMI connector, the analog audio connector, or both if the original signal is not encrypted, such as Dolby Digital. The encoders and decoders support analog stereo and up to 7.1 embedded digital audio channels.

The system also supports the distribution of audio and RS232 control data, Infra-Red signals as well as USB2.0 devices such as Keyboards, mice, Mass storage, cameras, and touchscreens.

ZyPer4K supports all video resolutions supported by HDMI 2.0. Currently, it supports HDMI, 3G-SDI, Display Port 1.3 and Analog connectivity. Other source connections such as DVI can be connected with widely available adapters and converters.

The ZyPer Management Platform is preconfigured with Linux.

The ZyPer Management Platform is preconfigured with Linux.

Management platform

ZyPer4K comes with the ZyPer Management Platform. It provides a fully functioned HTML5 GUI that gives users control of independent routing of audio, video and control signals, similar to the break-away function in traditional video routers. It can also be used to setup video walls and display groups/zones.

The Management Platform auto-detects encoder and decoder units upon connection and enables labeling and control, simplifying configuration and system setup. Users may choose to segment traffic using VLANs or create a separate network for video distribution only. Detailed system certification or formal training for system setup and configuration is not necessary.

The ZyPer Management Platform controls up to 24 ZyPer encoder and decoder endpoints. Presets enable signal routing and scheduling of saved, pre-defined source-display settings for repeatability and recall. It can create and manage video walls up to 5x5.

ZeeVee at NAB

ZyPer4K products will be on exhibit at the 2017 NAB Show. In addition to the ZyPer4K, ZeeVee exhibit visitors will see demonstrations of the HDBridge3000, a high density, small footprint system for broadcasters to distribute SD and HD video throughout their facilities.

Broadcasters have invested millions of dollars to improve their outgoing signal to HD, but many still provide in-house staff analog signals to review clips and content on internal channels. The HDbridge3000 provides an upgrade path that supports multi-format IP and RF streaming in a single chassis delivering video over IP, and RF networks, individually or simultaneously.

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