FOR-A’s New USF-10IP Converter

The USF-10IP 10 GbE IP Converter is a dual 10 GbE video over IP module series that offers conversion of standard IP video formats, including ASPEN, NMI, SMPTE2022-5/6, TR-03/04 and most of the latest IP formats.

The unit will also act as a translator between SDI baseband and IP systems, and is compatible with 4K UHD (2SI/SQD) and multi-format input/output video.

With new products like the USF-10IP being showcased, FOR-A says its 2017 NAB show presence will demonstrate the company’s commitment to the construction of a comprehensive IP-based broadcasting infrastructure.

“Offering compatibility with various IP formats, the USF-10IP integrates baseband-systems that separately configure with SDI, such as studios of a broadcast station, into an IP backbone-network. With its file-based products connecting IP and baseband technology, FOR-A aims to be a leading provider of comprehensive IP, SDI and file-based solutions,” it states.

Available modules in this series include: the USF-10IP, which converts between IP formats; the USF-10IPSDI6-FS, which comes standard with one 12G-SDI input and one output, 2SI/SQD conversion, and offers simultaneous conversion of up to six inputs/outputs selectable with six streams; and the USF-10IPSDI12-FS module, which also comes standard with one 12G-SDI input and one output, 2SI/SQD conversion, and offers simultaneous conversion of up to six inputs and six outputs with 12 streams.

The USF-10IP will be shown in the IP/12G-SDI section of its booth along with several other new products, including the Fujitsu IP-HE950 video transmission solution, 12G-SDI supported new MFR-4000 series routing switcher, MV-4200 series of multi-viewers and ESG-4100 test signal generator. Other sections of FOR-A’s NAB booth will include the live production, camera stage, 4K production and HDR, virtual studio, and file-based and frame rate conversion areas.

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