Virtualization is Key For ChyronHego at 2017 NAB

Virtualization is a key theme for ChyronHego at NAB Show 2017 as the company transitions from hardware-based to software-centric systems.

The message from ChyronHego at NAB 2017 is all about workflow, Jesper Gawell, ChyronHego's CMO told The Broadcast Bridge in a one-on-one interview.

“As we continue to build our portfolio with recent acquisitions, it is super important for us is that we combine all these products into something that efficiently helps our customers,” Gawell began. “If you were to ask what our top priorities are, we’d start with our ability to show leadership in providing all software-based production in news and sports. We are also focused on showcasing all our developments around standardized IT infrastructures and, more specifically, virtualization.”

Gawell sees this move away from hardware-centric production systems as a central trend at this year’s NAB Show.

“We know that there will be a shift in the industry from bespoke hardware into unified systems running in a virtualized environment,” he said, “and it is the goal of ChyronHego to become a software only company.”

Of course, he recognizes there will always be user interfaces and tactile controls remaining, but the future processing and rendering tasks will be handled completely by bits and bytes.

“Within this virtualized service stack, our customers will be able to more easily scale up and down depending on their needs,” Gawell explained. “A switcher is a great example. You may need a great big switcher only once or twice a year. Wouldn’t it be great if you could add additional processors and inputs to a basic switcher platform only when you needed them? An all IP infrastructure will enable this.”

BTW, Gawell intentionally does not use “IT and “IP” interchangeably. For him, “IT” is the infrastructure, “IP” is the protocol riding on it.

At this year’s NAB Show, ChyronHego will be presenting major new innovations in both news and sports production.

“We’ll have major updates to our CAMIO Universe, a template-based graphics system that runs inside a virtualized IT server environment,” Gawell said. “We introduced this last year, and it has been very well received. We’re going to highlight the release of our new web edition of the LUCI newsroom interface to CAMIO and new features for Axis World Graphics, a could-based extension of CAMIO that lets users access its tools from anywhere with an Internet connection.”

The latest version of LyricX will be on display, a graphics engine for live sports productions that lets users move easily between SDI and IP and also between HD and 4K all on the same platform. LyricX will be seen powering large video walls with its built-in video matrix technology.

Prime 2.5 graphics system showing Clips Player screen. Click to enlarge.

Prime 2.5 graphics system showing Clips Player screen. Click to enlarge.

Visitors to the ChyronHego booth will also see Prime 2.5, a news graphics system for broadcast that we focused on here in detail on March 22nd.

When you see the two graphics systems in operation, you will understand that LyricX is an operator driven approach, working on a compose-and-play paradigm which makes it optimal for the quick-changing needs of live sports productions while Prime 2.5 is more geared toward templates that are designed in advance and set for playlist schedule playout without operator involvement. This makes it ideal for things like channel branding.

ChyronHego is also very big with in-stadium productions with displays all throughout venues like Madison Square Garden. So building on their recent acquisition of Click Effects, they are going to showcase an end-to-end workflow working in tandem with ChyronHego's Live Compositor, Prime, and LyricX graphics systems to deliver a live, in-venue entertainment experience.

“ChyronHego is going virtual,” Gawell finished up, “and this could virtually be our best NAB Show yet.”

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