Aaton Digital Debuts Portable Sound Recorder CantarMini

Aaton Digital will spotlight CantarMini, a 16 track digital portable mixer-sound recorder based on the CantarX3 digital 24 track location sound recorder at 2017 NAB.

Aaton Digital's Mini retains the full sound quality, uses the same preamps, limiters, faders, components as the CantarX3, with 16 tracks instead of 24, with less inputs, making it considerably smaller in size and weight - just 2.8Kg with two batteries on board - almost half the weight of the X3. The software comes across also from the X3.

The Mini also has a large tilting display, uses the same batteries, and is compatible with the add-on mixer/fader panel Cantarem2.

Visitors can also see the CantarX3 location sound recorder used by production sound mixer Chris Giles, CAS, on the academy award winning motion picture Moonlight.

Other booth highlights include Cantarem2, an add-on mixer panel to add more faders, which offer higher track count recording on both the X3 and the Mini. 

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