Svante Forsbäck Uses Amphion Loudspeakers on “Rammstein Paris” Film

Svante Forsbäck, one of Scandinavia’s top mastering engineers, unveiled his biggest project to-date — “Rammstein Paris” — a concert film by multi-Grammy and award-winning Swedish director, Jonas Åkerlund.

The film — like all Rammstein performances — is a work of art crafted from footage captured by 30 cameras in two consecutive shows held at the Bercy Arena, Paris, in March, 2012. Åkerlund and his studio crew then spent over a year editing the footage.

The level of sonic excellence on the project was extraordinary. For mastering the project, Svante used a mixture of analog and digital gear such as Buzz Audio, Klein Hummel and Weiss EQs, Manley and SSL compressors, and two pairs of TC Electronics System 6000 mastering systems.

For monitoring, Svante used Amphion Two18 studio monitors with BaseOne25 system as LRC and One18s as surrounds.

Svante Forsbäck

Svante Forsbäck

“The overall stereo image and depth of the Amphions are great. But what really stands out for me, is the definition in the low-mids. I work a lot with music which contains plenty of important guitar information in the low-mids, that’s why the resolution there is really important for me,” said Svante.

Amphion Two18 Speaker

Amphion Two18 Speaker

“These speakers really shine when used in surround. The way they blend together and re-create the recorded space is just amazing. Another impressive feature of the Amphions is how good they translate to the movie theaters and in this project we did check quite a few of them.”

Amphion Loudspeakers has been designing and building loudspeakers in Finland since 1998. The company’s studio monitors offer natural reproduction. Precise driver integration ensures world-class imaging and phase coherence. All products are handmade in Finland to ensure enduring listening quality.

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