MultiDyne Fiber-Optic Technology Aids Ross Mobile Productions

MultiDyne’s LiGHTCuBE and SMPTE-HUT technology provides long distance, lightweight fiber optic signal transport in stadium locations, significantly reducing the time and energy needed by Ross crews to set up and teardown for sporting events.

By using MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions, Ross Mobile Productions of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has dramatically reduced setup and tear-down time associated with sports and live event productions.

With five 1080p-capable trucks covering North America, Ross Mobile Productions consistently has the challenge of working across a variety of indoor and outdoor venues, many of which have either an outdated cabling infrastructure or lack any infrastructure whatsoever.

The company has looked to fiber to solve these problems, especially in large open-air stadiums on university campuses.

“In one venue where we must equip the broadcast booth ourselves, our set-up time has been reduced from six to three hours by transitioning from Triax to fiber cabling,” said Sean McCluskey, Ross’ national production manager. “One big difference is that we can now use two easily transportable TAC-12 fiber optic cables, instead of six bulky Triax cables that are heavy and cumbersome to freely move around.”

Upon evaluating the various fiber concavity options on the market, the Ross Mobile Productions team opted for MultiDyne LiGHTCuBE and SMPTE-HUT systems, which are shared amongst all five trucks.

The LiGHTCuBE system provides Ross Mobile Productions with a ruggedized, high-density solution for managing video, audio and data across long distances — all within a compact 14-inch cube.

Meanwhile, the SMPTE-HUT simplifies SMPTE camera power and connectivity at great distances. This enables conversion from heavy, bulky SMPTE hybrid cable to standard single-mode fiber and back again, along with power re-injection.

The fact that many college stadiums are not wired for broadcast means that Ross Mobile Productions is saving money with MultiDyne through fast and consistent setup and tear-down strategies.  

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