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Meredith Picks Telestream for Facebook Live Streaming

Meredith Corporation’s broadcast television group, a publicly held media and marketing services company based in Des Moines, Iowa, has chosen Telestream’s Wirecast Gear appliance for its stations to stream breaking news and news-related content directly to Facebook Live.

This is part of a drive by the Meredith TV Group to exploit Facebook Live to reach new viewers that tune into social media more often than TV, as well as connecting with more traditional viewers outside normal news cycles. “Since live video news is a key service that we provide, Facebook Live presents a unique opportunity for us to raise the visibility of our media brand on Facebook, and to share the timely, trusted news programming that airs on our main channels,” said Larry Oaks, Vice President of Technology, at Meredith Corporation.

To support this Facebook Live strategy, Meredith has invested in the Wirecast Gear streaming production solution from Telestream in all its US markets nationwide to stream content regularly via Facebook Live, with plans to extend to other social media platforms eventually.

“Our primary interest is to use Wirecast Gear for breaking news outside our typical news cycle but also for simulcasts of our studio broadcast, or promotional and pre-recorded content,” Oaks added. “With the ability to interface with our routers, we can drive any content from our facility or a remote shoot to Facebook Live, complete with branding.”

According to Oaks, Meredith chose Wireless Gear partly because it had an integrated toolset essential to streaming production, including a user-friendly interface, intuitive operation, image branding, graphics and keying for the placement of logo bugs, as well as quick and easy connections to go live on leading social media sites. Another factor was that Meredith had already been using Telestream's Vantage platform running on Lightspeed servers to automate their media processing operations. “Wirecast makes it simple to get a secure connection and start streaming media to social destinations,” said Oaks. “We just select Facebook Live from a pull-down menu and it facilitates whatever handshake, log-in or settings we need to start streaming quickly and reliably.”

Wirecast Gear includes streaming software loaded and configured on turnkey, qualified, compact computer hardware optimized for live streaming. The local stations’ house routers feed video to one or more of the four inputs Wirecast Gear includes. The video feed can be from HD-SDI cameras, iOS and webcam devices, remote video feeds and other acquisition systems.

Meredith owns and operates 15 U.S. DTV stations in 13 markets, including Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, St. Louis, MO, and Portland, OR, reaching 12 million people—or 11%—of U.S. households. 

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