FrameFormer Video Conversion Software Available for FCP X

InSync Technology has made available the FrameFormer motion compensated frame rate and format converter plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, Professional Edition.

InSync’s CPU-only standards conversion capabilities are now available to post production and edit professionals. The FrameFormer plug-in for FCP X provides high quality format and frame rate conversion, integrated into the edit workflow. The FrameFormer template can also be used within Apple Motion to enable efficient file to file standards conversion.

"InSync Technology already offers superb quality motion compensated standards converters in both software and hardware", said Paola Hobson, Managing Director of InSync. "The FrameFormer plug-in for FCP X extends the capability to post production and edit professionals who need a really good frame rate converter for premium content within an Apple Mac edit environment.” All standards conversion applications are made simple using the FrameFormer FCP X Professional Edition. It's for adding international content into programming schedules as well as high quality transformation of movies into TV and mobile formats.

The FrameFormer FCP X plug-in Professional Edition supports all broadcast frame rates and formats from QCIF up to UHDTV.

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