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Kaufer Productions Bolsters Projects with Panasonic AG-DVX200 Camera

For the past year, videographer/editor Jeffrey Kaufer has been shooting with Panasonic’s AG-DVX200 4K large-sensor handheld on a variety of corporate projects for large companies including United Way, Boston Scientific and Xcel Energy. Kaufer is based in the Minnesota Twin Cities area. With a lengthy career in broadcast ENG and EFP, Kaufer established his own production company in 2002.

Kaufer has worked with Panasonic camcorders all the way back to tape-based DVCPRO ENG models. On starting production company he purchased the AG-DVX100 and AG-HVX200 camcorders. Kaufer recounted “I realized terrific return-on-investment with these HD handhelds, whether I was shooting my own projects or contracting out to producers who wanted to economize by using integrated lens cameras.”

“Essentially, I was in a holding pattern waiting for the DVX200, so that I would be able to offer 4K acquisition,” he continued. “Increasingly, we’re expected to future-proof projects with 4K recording, even if the initial distribution is in HD.”

Kaufer cited an assignment for medical device manufacturer Boston Scientific, a group of patient profiles with select scenes (especially those featuring small instruments) shot in 4K or UHD. He has also been hired as an operator with the DVX200 used as a B camera to the Red EPIC. “The colorist on that job was amazed at how well the cameras matched.”

“Increasingly when I’m covering something that is time-sensitive, the client wants a quick 30-second turnaround for social media,” he added. “I find that using the second card slot to record a lower rez copy sure makes it easy to find the nearest coffee shop, load it into my Surface Pro, do a quick edit and upload--especially useful when you’re a long way from the office!”

Kaufer singled out the camcorder’s “really slick” autofocus, as well as its V-Log tonal curve for easy mixing and grading in post. “Above all, the DVX200 arms me with the ability to evergreen projects for my clients,” he added.  

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