Brazil’s SET at the 2017 NAB Show

The Brazilian Society of Television Engineering (SET) has announced that registration is now open for its annual SET Breakfast at the 2017 NAB Show. The SET Breakfast is a 3-day conference session that aimed at bringing together opinion leaders, professionals and businesses to discuss the key trends and technological innovations in broadcasting and new media.

SET (The Brazilian Society of Television Engineering), was founded as a not-for-profit technical and scientific association consisting of technology and operations companies, universities, and professionals, with the objective to further technical knowledge across the electronic media chain, from production to delivery. Every year SET organizes a series of business-oriented educational and informative activities, and will do so this year at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The SET activities planned for the 2017 NAB Show include the SET Breakfast, the 2017 SET Expo Booth, the SET room, and a Brazilian Pavilion. 

The main activity planned by SET, is the SET Breakfast. It is an 3-day conference session that aimed at bringing together opinion leaders, professionals and businesses to discuss the key trends and technological innovations in broadcasting and new medias. This year SET will host 14 talks and 2 technology forums that will discuss the future of the broadcast business and technologies, and their convergence with other medias. The event will commence at 6.30 am and end at 9.00 am each morning. Notably, 2017 celebrates 26 years of the SET Breakfasts and their success. 

Though the official schedule is still in the works, SET has announced that two "gurus" of global technology have confirmed their attendance, and that their presentations will provide unique opportunities for the Brazilian professionals attending the NAB Show. The first of the two is Al Kovalick, founder of Media Systems Consulting, who will address a futuristic topic (Looking Deep into the Future — Infrastructure Prospects for the Media Enterprise in 2036) based on his analysis of current trends in IT/IP/Cloud. The second is Bill Heyes, president of the IEEE-BTS (IEEE Broadcast Technology Society), who will talk about the future of television. 

SET Room, on the other hand, is a meeting point for Brazilian and Latin American visitors registered with SET. There they can find support services such as computers, internet, coffee, water and meeting tables. The service, which will be held in N116 North Hall, will be provided free of charge and will not require advanced booking. 

Lastly, SET will also provide a booth that will advertise SET´s events and activities among the professionals circulating in exhibition pavilion. The SET Booth will also provide an excellent meeting point and area for business meetings, along with promoting its main event: the upcoming SET Expo.

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