Rushworks To Introduce Object Tracking at NAB Show: Eliminates Camera Operators

At the 2017 NAB show, Rushworks will debut Locked On, a new software-based object tracking solution that eliminates the need for camera operators.

Rushwork's Locked On controls one or more PTZ or PTX cameras, allowing the devices to follow the talent with no operators required. The technology utilizes predictive motion and acceleration/deceleration data to emulate the camera work of skilled camera operators.

Multiple RFID transceivers and anchors allow the cameras to automatically follow single or multiple moving targets in three-dimensional space. Whether the subject is a professor in a lecture hall, a performer on stage or an athlete on a playing field, Locked On provides a new dimension of cost-effective control and ISO tracking and recording capability.

PTX Universal PanTilt Head

PTX Universal PanTilt Head

Also being shown is the PTX Universal PanTilt head, which supports full DMX control. When used as the base for a camera or camcorder, PTX provides control of pan, tilt and camera/lens by VISCA devices, including the Sony RM-BR300.

It can be added as a fixture profile in lighting consoles and software, allowing the lighting designer to program scenes which include both lighting and video presets.

In addition, the PTX Model 2 makes its debut at the show with universal support protocol. It works with larger cameras like the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini, RED, ARRI, larger field production cameras and DSLR-style camera bodies.

PTX Model 1 is designed to work with smaller cameras, like the Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K, AJA RovoCam, Canon XA35 and other standalone cameras and camcorders of similar size.

Both models support DMX, VISCA, LANC and Panasonic REMOTE protocols via RS422.

SegmentR display. Click to enlarge.

SegmentR display. Click to enlarge.

SegmentR is a stand-alone utility for transcoding many file formats into MPEG-2 or H.264, and for creating “virtual segments” as metadata that are stored within a file. Users can also save marked segments as multiple or individual files.

SegmentR PRO includes nine enhanced features, including an audio compander, a two-pass algorithm for peak limiting and compression for constant level output. LKFS Normalization or True Peak output assures CALM Act compliance.

Finally, Newsdolly is a robotic platform for PTZ cameras. It uses a joystick to position and save multiple preset locations with speeds for transitions. It can move quickly for repositioning the camera for presets, or can creep slowly for the added dimension of smooth on-air moves.

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