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CueScript Introduces Prompter Mounting for PTZ Cameras and All-IP Prompting

At the recent BVE 2017 Show in London, professional prompting solutions provider CueScript launched two new products that simplify and enhance the way prompting is used in today’s studios and on location.

PTZ cameras are now commonly used across a wide range of studio productions. Using a prompter display with a PTZ camera restricts the operation of the PTZ, since they are not designed to work with prompting units. Meeting the challenge, CueScript’s development team set about improving the mounting and operational issues.

With a patent pending, CueScript has developed a unique mounting system whereby the PTZ camera mounts upside down in the top of a specially designed prompter hood. Mounting the system this way eliminates the need for expensive tripods and makes using a lighting stand possible. The PTZ has greater movement in the shots it can achieve, and users are able to choose from a 15- to 19-inch LED display system.

CueScript also announced a wireless “WAND” scroll control unit. While wireless presenter hand controls in a studio are a common tool in today’s productions, the WAND improves upon current market offerings with IP-based connectivity, greater battery life, the ability to have unlimited controllers in a studio complex and simplified operation for the presenter.

Lastly, CueScript also demonstrated what it called “the world’s first complete IP based prompting solution.” The new CueiT prompting software offers greater flexibility, ease of use, and a shareware style that allows CueiT to be loaded onto every laptop/PC in the facility. The software includes the CueB engine that offers connection over Ethernet or via USB and the connectivity of near limitless scroll controllers. The CueB software produces a true HD-SDI prompting signal, as well as a composite video signal. In addition, multiple CueB stations can run independently or simultaneously, and can be rack mounted.

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