Globecast Spotlighting Content Delivery Solutions at the 2017 NAB Show

Globecast will be spotlighting its new Optim’Net, Content Distribution Network (CDN) cost optimization technology at the upcoming 2017 NAB Show. The new technology is important to content distributors looking for a cost-effective business model to move and monetize content. Globecast now manages an extensive and rapidly growing network of VOD platform affiliates, thus ensuring that customers can reach a global audience footprint quickly and efficiently.

The company said that even though the price-per-GB charged by most CDN providers is steadily decreasing, CDN costs for media delivery are growing every year as demand for content expands. A second factor is that viewers are watching online content for longer periods of time than ever before.

Globecast said it is also seeing the demand for media quality shifting from very compressed video to SD and to HD, which of course increases CDN traffic. In order to optimize costs related to content delivery, the company is launching its Optim'Net solution to prove that peer-assisted media delivery is ready for prime time. This CDN off-loading service – which integrates seamlessly with any CDN vendor – relies on the audience watching the content to participate in the delivery to other viewers. Additional benefits include improved network performance and better user experience, especially a reduced start time for media playback.

For the first time at NAB, Globecast is highlighting its recently launched Disaster Recovery Playout Services. Globecast’s Culver City Media Center is strategically located in the heart of the media and entertainment capital of the world—Los Angeles, Calif. For broadcasters, networks and studios requiring geographic proximity to Southern California or requiring access to the important LA market, Globecast provides infrastructure, personnel and expertise to manage low-cost disaster recovery feeds for primary networks. It also provides cost-effective new service launches to minimize risk and capital investment.

Also on display will be Globecast’s VOD Logistics software, which the company introduced last year and has continued to increase its platform delivery reach, with the volume of content distributed doubling since 2016. Globecast VOD Logistics makes creation and delivery of VOD packages simple, handling the complex and intricate requirements of each VOD platform. The company assembles and delivers VOD content packages with all the relevant metadata, languages, graphics, subtitles and promos in the technical formats demanded by VOD platforms globally.

Globecast’s Media Factory leverages the company’s expertise in handling both linear and on-demand services through playout and over-the-top solutions. The technology can help take content from anywhere in the world, process it in any way required, and then deliver it anywhere to any device.

Finally, Globecast will be discussing its Content Localization and Monetization solutions that enable monetization on every screen via a suite of services to help broadcasters achieve this objective. It’s Contribution Services will also be highlighted, with Globecast providing a one-stop shop to deliver content anywhere in the world, regardless of the size or scope of the news or sports event.

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