Wild Dream Films Ups Shared Storage with Facilis

Wales-based production company, Wild Dream Films, has increased its storage capacity with a Facilis TerraBlock.

Wild Dream Films makes programming for National Geographic, MSNBC, Discovery and the History Channel. The company has received Emmy Award nominations for its work and posts it all in house.

Five years ago, the company invested in a Facilis shared storage system to support its network of Avid edit suites. Now, the company has expanded and upgraded its TerraBlock to provide 96TB of storage which supports the entire facility and will underpin the company’s rapid growth. Already installed and operational, running off both Ethernet and Fiber Channel, the TerraBlock supports five offline and one online Avid edit suites.

In developing its post resources, Wild Dream Films has worked closely with Cardiff-based Brainy Monkey Post Production. The company’s Managing Director, Andrij Evans, says “With the large capacity TerraBlock, ingest and export no longer has to be tied to one specific Avid system. Also, the speed of the system is fantastic - it easily copes with supplying multiple streams of video to multiple Avid systems without a hiccup.”

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