Boland’s WOLED Gift to Editors

Boland is making 55-inch WOLED editing display technology affordable to top end edit bays by sticking with 1080P, but accompanying it with a matching 25-inch OLED client monitor.

Almost all editors work in 1080 these days even though their final product may be mastered in 4K, so why not look at the most stunning 1080P display in front of your edit console?

Boland is providing the BVB55OLED 55-inch WOLED critical evaluation monitor for just that purpose, and at the NAB Show 2017 they will be offering it packaged together with their BVB25OLED 25-inch client monitors. The combination is bound to give your edit bay a competitive advantage.

“We know that all large OLED panels are made by LG Display,” began Gary Litwin, national sales director, Boland Communications, in an interview with The Broadcast Bridge, “ and the displays using them at 4K resolution are all being offered by one company. We’ll admit they are a prodigious accomplishment, but you pay for what you get. Now, at ¼ the cost, Boland is making the same panel available but at 1080P resolution, and we’ll be offering our 55-inch WOLED and the 25-inch OLED displays as a specially priced NAB 2017 combo pair.”

Just to step back a second, the “WOLED” in the name of that 55-inch master monitor stands for “white organic light emitting diode” display technology in which there is an additional white subpixel incorporated in the RGB LED array at full 10-bit color depth in the LG design. This adds brightness, boosts efficiency, and may even extend the life of the display.

Each of the monitors can function in HD and SD modes, offer P3 color space, can handle both 3G and dual link inputs, work in EGA to UXGA, NTSC/PAL/SECAM/NTSC4.43/PAL-M modes, have audio level meters (16 ch, level meter position, level meter scale), and in SDI mode offer dual waveform and vectorscope displays.

“Post houses offering their clients displays of this quality will be one way they can differentiate themselves from other edit facilities, “Litwin said, “and when you see our NAB pricing you’ll see how affordable this pairing can be.”

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