Cinegy Promotes Air PRO at the 2017 NAB Show

Cinegy will showcase the latest version of Cinegy Air PRO, its real-time playout server and multi-channel broadcast automation software, and Cinegy News, a new production package in Las Vegas.

Cinegy Air PRO integrates HEVC stream encoding with Nvidia graphics cards, which provides the ability to entirely offload HEVC and H.264 stream encoding completely onto the Nvidia GPU.

Using off-the-shelf commodity hardware, Cinegy Air PRO users can stream UHD. And because Cinegy Air PRO includes a loudness limiter, Dolby E encoding, and decoding, the need for external devices or additional software to perform compliance tests, encoding/decoding, and subtitling is not needed.

Cinegy Air PRO also includes in-built channel branding, which makes it easy to control multiple channels that air identical content but require regionalized commercials and branding.

Cinegy News provides automated news feed handling; writing, review and approval functions; integrated video and audio editing; voiceover recording; rundown creation; graphics creation; template-based titling; and teleprompting in a single package.

Cinegy News also features Cinegy’s media asset management system - Cinegy Archive and Cinegy Desktop - which includes an NRCS client to provide a collaborative, all-inclusive, pre-integrated news production environment.

Cinegy Managing Director, Co-owner, and Co-founder Daniella Weigner said, “Cinegy Air PRO and the rest of our new range, including Cinegy News, completely rewrite the recipe for getting news, entertainment, and information to air quickly, cheaply, and efficiently…and who doesn’t want a taste of that?”

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