Waves Audio Introduces the Dugan Speech Automixer Plugin

Waves Audio has announced the Waves Dugan Speech plugin — the software version of the Dugan automixer for automatic control of multiple mic gains.

Designed for integrated use inside the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixing console and powered by Dan Dugan's patented voice-activated process, Dugan Speech controls the gains of multiple microphones automatically and in real time, dramatically reducing noise, feedback and comb filtering from adjacent microphones.

Dugan Speech ensures that system gain remains consistent, even when several speakers are talking at the same time. It makes matched crossfades, without any signal compression whatsoever, and without a noise gate that would cause undesirable artifacts.

The familiar Dugan automixer interface is incorporated into a designated layer mode within the eMotion LV1 mixing console, which users can access from any LV1 channel.

Dugan Speech is the definitive solution for television news and discussion panels, talk shows, film and TV dialog recording and other live events involving several microphones and participants.

The Waves Dugan Speech plugin mixes multiple live microphones automatically and in real time, auto-mixes up to 64 channels simultaneously and offers multi-touch compatibility.

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