Mackie Upgrades “Big Knob” Studio Monitor Controllers

Mackie has modernized its line of Big Knob monitor controllers, expanding to models with high-resolution USB recording and playback.

Mackie said the new Big Knob series features three models: the Big Knob Passive, Big Knob Studio and Big Knob Studio+.

Studios of any size can use one of the professional source/monitor selector models. With the addition of high-resolution Onyx USB recording and playback on two models, recording capability is added to the monitor control devices.

Mackie Big Knob Passive

Mackie Big Knob Passive

The Big Knob Passive offers a basic monitor control solution, allowing users to choose between two sources and two monitors for control. It’s a no-power-required passive design.

Mackie Big Knob Studio

Mackie Big Knob Studio

Big Knob Studio adds USB recording/playback and expands on the I/O, offering a routing choice between three sources and two monitor pairs. It includes integrated talkback and dual headphone outputs.

Rear of Mackie Big Knob Studio+

Rear of Mackie Big Knob Studio+

Big Knob Studio+ adds more features, offering the right I/O for flexible integration into professional studios. The 4x3 routing delivers choice, including a USB playback from a DAW with 192kHz/24-bit audio conversion. It also has a dedicated, amp-driven studio out for a headphone distribution system.

The Mackie Big Knob Series will be available in April. Big Knob Passive is priced at $89.99, Big Knob Studio is $259.99 and Big Knob Studio+ is priced at $389.99.

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