Apogee Updates Software For Element Series Contol App

Apogee Electronics has announced the availability of a new software update for its Element Control App for Mac and iOS, designed specifically for their Element Thunderbolt audio interfaces.

Apogee controller

Apogee controller

Apogee said the software update offers Element users a new Talkback feature that allows the Mac’s built-in microphone or any Core Audio input device to communicate with an artist through their headphones.

The new software update also provides compatibility between all Element audio interfaces and the Apogee Control hardware remote accessory.

Element 46 and 88 units in action

Element 46 and 88 units in action

With Apogee Control, users gain access to input and output levels using the large Symphony-inspired Control knob and three control knob focus buttons, plus immediate access to a wide range of functions using the eight user-configurable buttons.

Apogee Control Hardware Remote connects directly to a Mac using a standard USB cable. Apogee Control is sold as a separate accessory for $195.00.

Apogee’s Element 24, 46 and 88 are Thunderbolt audio I/O boxes for Mac.

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