Dalet Bringing News Production And Distribution Under A Single Unified Platform

For the past year Dalet Digital Media Systems has been promoting the idea of combining the traditional tools of a newsroom computer system, news production workflow and playout operations into a streamlined way of producing and distributing news content called Unified News Operations (UNO). Several broadcasters around the world have embraced the idea and are now reaping the benefits of increased productivity and a faster time to air.

Dalet's UNO combines all the traditional functions of news production and distribution into a scalable, comprehensive, flexible and agile solution. Already implemented by news organizations large and small across the globe, UNO enables broadcasters to rethink the way they work, deploy new collaboration models and build data-driven strategies, becoming more agile, more efficient and more effective to make the best of fast-changing audience viewing habits in a multi-platform world.

Arnaud Elnecave, Director of Marketing at Dalet, said with so many platforms and outlets available to viewers today, news production tools and infrastructure need to be flexible and efficient in terms of content creation, curation, delivery and intelligence reporting if broadcasters want to achieve maximum engagement and retention. UNO is designed to help news organizations do just that.

“Easy-to-use production tools and relevant story content are readily available to every user in the newsroom and in the field,” Elnecave said. “Web and social media are not treated as an afterthought, they are an integral part of the overall workflow methodology, from assignment all the way to distribution and analytics. These and other critical refinements offered through UNO, such as smart editorial planning and workflow orchestration, allow our customers to continuously improve the way they work to deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right form, on the right device, to the targeted audience.”

The best part is that while many functions co-exist within one ecosystem, UNO is not a closed solution. The unified, agile framework groups functions that naturally belong together and exposes them via industry standard protocols and an open API to enable media organizations to design customized, best-of-breed systems.

Dalet’s Arnaud Elnecave said that existing newsroom computer systems have become technology and organizational siloes that inhibit many news organizations.

Dalet’s Arnaud Elnecave said that existing newsroom computer systems have become technology and organizational siloes that inhibit many news organizations.

Dalet has been highlighting that the very concept of “Newsroom Computer System,” inherited from the 1990s system architectures and designed for linear programs, has now become a technology and organizational silo that inhibits the leap most news organizations should take. The company said that as consumers are breaking free from the traditional news cycle, professional news productions—whether in broadcast, digital, print or a combination of all three—need to up the ante and transform the way they operate in order to cater wisely and efficiently to this changing demand and the growing number of outlets to be served.

News organizations now using UNO include: Euronews; NBC-owned and operated regional stations; Time Warner Cable’s Flagship NY1 station in New York City; Russia Today, Metro TV in Indonesia; and the Record News regional stations in Brazil.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) was one of the first adopters of the Dalet framework, installing it at TWC’s flagship facility, NY1. The hyper-local news channel was dependent on a mix of different systems covering ingest, news production, editing and automation. Moving to Dalet UNO gave the NY1 team a broad range of task-specific tools, allowing staff to ingest, assign stories, create packages, playout content to multiple platforms and archive video content – all from one user interface.

Today NY1 journalists can easily assemble a complete story that includes text, video, voiceovers and graphics right from their desktop in the newsroom or out in the field.

As one of the most recent news organizations to migrate to the UNO workflow, Euronews, a European multilingual news media service headquartered in Lyon, France, transformed its siloed operation, which consisted of productions in 13 different languages, into one cohesive workflow across multiple sites. Francois Schmitt, COO of Euronews, said the Dalet platform is providing an agile, cohesive system that bends with the ebb and flow of its newsroom needs. The unified platform provides centralized access to content, which is critical for each language to cross-leverage for their own news purposes.

“Equally as important,” Schmitt said, “the flow of content will be seamless and ubiquitous from acquisition to distribution to archive, making the Euronews operations much more efficient.” 

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