IRT Introduces IMF Analyser 1.0

Munich-based IRT has introduced professional broadcast TV QC analyser software for the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) that includes full MXF validation.

IRT has released its first IMF Analyser 1.0. The product underlines IMF’s leading role in the field of quality control and quality management in the file-based TV production process.

The software product IMF Analyser from IRT analyses and validates IMF packages in depth, regarding completeness and standard conformance. The solution includes the validation of the MXF container format based on IRT´s long-standing MXF know-how.

The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is the new standard by SMPTE for storing, exchanging and delivering A/V productions. IMF defines a package which contains, among others, different MXF files for audio, video, subtitle and metadata.

With the help of the descriptive metadata, different versions, e.g. language versions or image resolution versions, can be generated from the contained components for the different distribution channels, if required. IMF is employed by the US film industry and on-demand video platforms, and will play as delivery and archive format a significant role in the area of broadcasting in the future.

IRT is a neutral research and competence centre for audiovisual technologies. It explores, observes and develops new technologies with the aim to strategically adapt broadcasting to new market environments and needs.

Around 100 employees do research on the premise in Munich in close cooperation with partners and clients for innovative solutions in the research areas of new audio-visual formats, cross-media technologies, metadata, cloud production, all IP/IT, smart data, hybrid radio and TV, security, multi-platform, 5G, frequencies and network planning and IP distribution.

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