Jakarta’ Metro TV Migrates To HD With Social Media Distribution and Business Intelligence Reporting

Jakarta, Indonesia-based broadcaster Metro TV has upgraded its 24/7 news operations to high definition production and added a Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management platform to provide the staff with complete and fast access to all stored assets. The Dalet solution unifies the local channel’s entire operations, with full consistency and continuity from content acquisition and production, all the way down to multi-platform distribution and archiving

The new Dalet-centric workflow includes one-click social media publishing; access to comprehensive business intelligence reporting metrics, which measure both the performance of the facility and crews, as well as the actual media consumption by the target audience across traditional and non-traditional channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube; and the latest version of the Dalet Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), which features some of the industry’s most advanced capabilities.

“This upgrade in operations to Dalet Galaxy is a significant step forward for Metro TV,” said Mirdal Akib, CTO of Metro TV. “In addition to moving to HD and improving our newsroom workflow with the new studios and NRCS, we can now realize our goals for social media distribution in a smarter and much more efficient way.

He added that with Dalet Galaxy’s business intelligence reporting tools, they can monitor operations in a much more advanced way than they could before. This, Akib said, allows the staff to make more informed decisions and track production costs with better accuracy.

The Metro TV installation features a series of Dalet Galaxy native NRCS modules, Dalet WebSpace and Dalet On-the-Go for remote news production and team collaboration, Dalet OneCut multimedia desktop editor and Dalet Xtend for seamless integration of Adobe Premiere Pro in the news production chain; and the Dalet Social Media panel for native social media curation and distribution. Content ingest and playout will be managed entirely by the cost efficient Dalet Brio video servers.

With Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) at the core of Metro TV, the unified news workflow centralizes all content and manages all the depth and complexity of media objects in the background, whilst offering on the front end a suite of native, purpose-built, collaborative and user-friendly tools that cover ingest, story assignment, creation and review/approval processes, editing of packages, rundown management, studio and continuity automation, multi-platform distribution, archiving, and business reporting.

The installation also offers Metro TV mobile tools to access the newsroom from the field with full story creation and submission capabilities. Dalet APIs offer deep integration with the existing Metro TV CRM as well as third-party broadcast solutions critical to the news workflow, including Vizrt for graphics and Quantum for production and archive storage.

Raoul Cospen, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Dalet, said that with the growing need to publish to a social media portal and fast shifting consumer habits, it’s critical to have a system in place like Dalet that can embed every aspect of the distribution portion of the production workflow.

“Being able to adapt the multiplatform publishing to the market demand is equally as important as managing fast distribution across multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, and this is a strong focus for the project,” he said.

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