Roya TV Goes to VSN for VoD and Streaming Platform

Roya TV, a leading private channel in Jordan founded in 2011, has gone to Spanish end-to-end broadcast software company VSN for a multiplatform package including Video on Demand and Live Streaming for its whole content catalogue.

This extends an existing relationship dating back to 2011, embracing VSN products across the infrastructure spectrum from ingest and media asset management (MAM), to archive and storage, news system and MCR (Master Control Room) automation software.

Roya TV’s primary requirement this time was to complement traditional linear TV with Internet delivery. This required a package for multiplatform content creation and delivery, embracing video streaming capable of reaching large and small screens simultaneously with a synchronized service, while being able to accommodate the different format requirements associated with each consumption platform. The solution also had to be scalable in order to cater for growing demand and new services.

Roya TV then decided to deploy VSN’s new VoD and streaming platform, VSNWEBTV, partly because of its compatibility with its existing VSNEXPLORER Media Asset Management (MAM) solution and native integration with VSNWEBTV. This meant that all the assets could be repurposed for distribution via the new system.

The VSNWEBTV system will also allow Roya TV to broadcast live events from the field using in principle any available connected device, including iOS, Android tablets and smartphones, and Smart TVs, using its Live TV streaming feature. This gives Roya TV a cheaper, lighter and more flexible alternative to traditional SNG (Satellite News Gathering) trucks.

Then the VSNWEBTV system, also just installed, allows the channel automatically to distribute all its content through social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, by virtue of its integration with VSNEXPLORER’s media workflows automation. Moreover, the deployment of a robotic library from Qualstar with 3 x LTO-6 drive and its integration with VSNEXPLORER within the project facilitates the movement of Roya TV assets from online storage to archive and improves distribution of content to all supported platforms and devices.

Roya TV claims that implementation of the VoD and Streaming package has boosted its productivity and efficiency, while extending media delivery.

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