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When engineers discuss IP infrastructures, two questions quickly arise. Can IP technology handle 4K imagery and when will COTS technology help solve my problems? Here are two The Broadcast Bridge articles that address those questions.

Arena TV's mobile uses an all-IP infrastructure, the first AIMS truck?

Arena TV's mobile uses an all-IP infrastructure, the first AIMS truck?

This fall Arena Television, one of the UK’s leading mobile production service providers, helped the BT Sport network produce a 4K broadcast of a soccer match that was simulcast in UHD and HD over an all-IP network. The telecast, pitting Liverpool against Leicester City in a Premier League match, proved that an all-IP workflow could be used successfully to produce live television with little to no latency.

Arena Television’s OBX production truck relies on a  Cisco IP core design, and a series of broadcast-centric edge devices supplied by Grass Valley to provide the flexibility, responsiveness and reliability required for live broadcast. This truck might be the first AIMS OBV.

Learn how IP-solutions were successfully used to build this high-tech 4K broadcast truck. Get your copy of this IP-solutions tutorial by clicking here.

Consultant and engineer, Ned Soseman, recently interviewed Imagine Communications CTO of Networking, Kerry Wheeles, about this transition and the benefits it may hold for production and broadcast applications.

Wheeles says that despite the multiple disparate approaches to IP solutions, the market has coalesced around the same program. “That was the first step. Everybody needs to be using the same roadmap and we have achieved that in less than 12 months,” said Wheeles.

On the issue of using COTS solutions, Wheeles noted that many of the newer solutions rely on virtualization and can be run on standard off-the-shelf gear or a public cloud. For instance, virtualizing these services enables his company’s customers to spin up new services dynamically as needed with less risk and with lower CAPEX investment.

Click here to read the remainder of the article.

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Articles You May Have Missed

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