​StreamGuys Launches Automated Monitoring Service

StreamGuys, a content delivery network and streaming media provider, has launched IsMyStreamUp, a cloud-based service that enables users of any CDN or streaming platform to continually monitor the status of their Internet streams, critical content assets and production workflows.

The service enables users to configure alerts for one or more streams or content assets through an intuitive, web-based dashboard. New customers simply create an account, enter the URL, and configure their contacts for receiving alerts.

IsMyStreamUp alerts the specified contacts via email the moment it detects a monitored stream or page has gone offline, and notifies them again when the stream or page is back up. Users can make self-serve modifications or additions to their monitoring configuration at any time through the IsMyStreamUp portal, with the changes taking instant effect.

“Ensuring stream integrity and accessibility is important for audience retention and advertiser satisfaction for every Internet Radio outlet, but not every streaming operator needs our traditional hands-on, white-glove service,” said Jonathan Speaker, COO, StreamGuys. “IsMyStreamUp makes automated, 24/7 stream monitoring easier and more accessible for users who previously thought such services were too much work to manage themselves, or too expensive for their business model. With the intuitive, immediate provisioning and affordable, month-to-month service of IsMyStreamUp, there’s now no reason for anyone to let their streams go unmonitored.”

IsMyStreamUp can monitor from multiple geographic regions, enabling faster and more reliable identification and diagnosis of issues that are isolated to specific local areas. Multiple contacts can be defined to receive alerts, enabling quick awareness and resolution of issues even when individual staff members are unavailable.

Subscription-based pricing for IsMyStreamUp starts at $10/month for monitoring one stream at standard settings, with options including premium frequency, multiple regions or contacts, and additional monitored properties available at affordable costs. IsMyStreamUp’s flexible, dynamic billing model lets customers add or remove service options at any time during the month, with charges automatically pro-rated accordingly.

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