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Autodesk integrates Shotgun Software into products, aiming for end-to-end workflow management

Autodesk in June this year acquired Shotgun Software, a developer of scalable, cloud-based production tracking, review, and asset management software for the film, television and games industries. Since then, Autodesk and announced several new integrations with the Shotgun platform

Shortly after the acquisition Autodesk announced that the Shotgun software application recently passed a full penetration test by global security auditing firm Bishop Fox. This was important as the test proved that its software meets the stringent requirements of the creative industry and that its clients can trust the confidentiality.

By the time SIGGRAPH rolled around in August, Shotgun announced three new additions to the management platform; Shotgun Review for iPhone, Shotgun Desktop and integration with The Foundry’s MARI 3D paint tool.

At IBC, Autodesk unveiled Flame 2015 visual effects software Extension 2, with included support for Shotgun Software. Other examples of Shotgun’s expanding integration with other solutions:

  • Publish Conformed Sequences from Flame and Flame Assist to Shotgun
  • Automated Access to Media and Batch Setups in Flare
  • Shot Versioning – Once published, new Flare shots are immediately available in Flame
  • Shot Review and Approval – Artists can send Flame or Flare clips directly to Shotgun’s review and approval tool
  • Previously announced shotgun integration
  • Shotgun Review for iPhone
  • Shotgun for Desktop
  • MARI Integration
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