ChyronHego at NAB NY

With LyricX 2.0 powering its graphics, ChyronHego brings its all-IP ready CAMIO Universe newsroom ecosystem, new PRIME graphics, and the latest version, 7.0, of PAINT Telestrator to NAB New York

Fresh from IBC 2016, ChyronHego is bringing new features of its industry-leading graphics systems to the NAB Show in New York. Visitors will see that all of them are now IP-ready, giving users the choice of SDI or IP connectivity.

“We want to make sure we can handle any IP I/O our customers want,” ChyronHego's CMO, Jesper Gawell told The Broadcast Bridge, “so we have embedded NewTek’s NDI (Network Device interface), and through our partnership with Matrox, Sony IP Live, ASPEN 2022, 6 and 7. We intend to support all new major IP standards as they are developed.”

The center of ChyronHego’s exhibit in the Javits Convention Center will be their CAMIO Universe “producer-driven” software-based newsroom production ecosystem. As Gawell said, “This may be the first opportunity for U. S. content creators to see the full-blown release version of our new LyricX 2.0 flagship broadcast graphics generator that’s at the heart of CAMIO Universe. With 64-bit processing, LyricX 2.0 is IP-ready, can combine mixed resolutions including 4K, feed video walls, and is ready to deliver anything from old school ‘steam television’ SD to the latest UHD rapidly to air.”

ChyronHego debuted LyricX 2.0 at last April’s NAB 2015 show in Las Vegas.

“We’ll be showcasing many new enhancements at NAB New York, such as the Hybrid Virtual Graphics Solution. This lets producers work with virtual graphics in the same manner they are accustomed to with conventional broadcast graphics,” Gawell said. “This was shown as proof-of-concept before. Now it’s really here.”

ChyronHego’s Hybrid Virtual Graphics Solution features real time augmented reality tracking with precise camera motion within 2D or 3D computer generated backgrounds. It can utilize its own Hybrid trackless studio system, a compact turnkey single box design, or interact with third party tracking systems.

“We’ve had this technology around for some time, but previously it was rather complex requiring parallel workflows and considerable human input,” Gawell said. “Now we have simplified its operation, making virtual sets and virtual graphics truly easy to use within the CAMIO Universe.”

ChyronHego’s Hybrid Virtual Graphics Solution employs both tracking and trackless camera technologies.

“The tracking system uses sensors attached to the camera head to provide movement data into the real time tracking engine,” Gawell tells us, “while the trackless approach is more virtualized using fixed cameras but creating moves and zooms inside the 3D engine. The first may be better suited to an evening news broadcast, which requires more production freedom while the second would be more relevant to a templated production like local news or a game show. We’ll have the trackless system fully integrated into the CAMIO Universe on display at the NAB Show in New York.”

The company also will be displaying their new universal graphics system called PRIME. Unlike LyricX 2. PRIME is intended for operator-driven graphics production and the PRIME Ecosystem is targeted for an automated pre-compose-and-play environment. PRIME features a new GUI, drag-and-drop design for expedited scene construction, an all new browser designer and an enhanced timeline.

ChyronHego's Paint Telestration and Analysis Tool with new verson 7.0 software is being used by sports teams as well as sports broadcasters.

ChyronHego's Paint Telestration and Analysis Tool with new verson 7.0 software is being used by sports teams as well as sports broadcasters.

Finally, ChyronHego will be demonstrating Paint Telestration and Analysis Tool. Already popular among sports broadcasters with its Illustrated Replay feature, Gawell says sports teams themselves are gravitating to its enhanced features.

“Over the l last 12 months, we have increasingly been approached by over 100 teams all over the world who want to use our Paint Telestration to replace their Power Point or Whiteboard presentations,” he said. “They see this stuff on TV, and they want the same capabilities in their locker rooms.”

New at the NAB Show in New York will be PAINT version 7.0 software with enhanced data integration, multiple 3D graphics tools, accelerated performance and IP I/O.

“It’s true that some of this has been seen before, but the big attraction for attendees at this show will be seeing how this is all integrated and working together. That’s why we call what we are showing ‘producer-driven’ because our systems are designed to help get your show on the air with greater efficiency without sacrificing creativity.”

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