ATEME releases TITAN Live high density multi-profile transcoder

ATEME’s new TITAN Live is the perfect carrier-grade video processing solution for next TV generation Head-Ends.

TITAN Live is a real-time multi-channel/format transcoder. With the support for various encapsulation formats. The system enables live content delivery by enabling to the feeds to be repurposed for playback over numerous devices such as UHDTV, TV, smartphones, tablets, PCs or web players while maintaining pristine video quality.

The system uses cutting edge technology and comes mounted in a 7 RU-package. Thanks to ATEME’s home-grown EAVC4 compression engine, TITAN Live provides the high bandwidth efficiency and video quality to end users.

Architectured as an ‘‘All In One’’ Solution, TITAN Live is designed to meet operationalbenefits of built-in supervision and redundancy management, advanced configuration network and failover management. TITAN Live also provides a complete and easy integration with the ecosystem.

TITAN Live can run on the same platform as TITAN File, the ATEME file-based solution for mass content throughput. With this live/file-based convergence on a unique platform, operators can streamline their operational workflow and increase content value by providing support for multi-screen delivery.

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