Cantemo Portal 3.0 Enhances User Experience and Security

Cantemo has launched Cantemo Portal 3.0, an update to the MAM, which ensures both faster code execution and more modern patch releases to increase system security.

These improvements are thanks to an upgrade to the latest operating systems, CentOS and Red Hat 7, and an upgrade to Python 2.7," said Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo.

"It also enables better support for more hardware devices, including storage devices, network cards, and other plugin devices. Cantemo Portal 3.0 also introduces a Health Check view, monitoring central points of Portal and providing a live status. It will offer suggestions on the remedy for any errors it uncovers, enabling users to resolve them internally with ease and ensure a quicker turnaround." 

The integration is based on the Cantemo Transcode Framework allowing transcoding jobs to be automated based on custom workflows from Rules Engine 3.

Using its Archive Framework, Portal now integrates directly with Archiware P5, one of the most used data management platforms in media and entertainment. Archive and restore jobs can be triggered either manually, through search results, collections, or the asset page, or as part of automated workflows.

“As the media environment is constantly evolving, it is crucial that technology also constantly evolves,” commented Azimi. “These updates are aimed at resolving the challenges facing our users and we will continue to evolve Portal regularly to ensure it continues to meet our users’ needs.”

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