Quantum Debuts New Tape Storage Appliance

Quantum has announced a new Scalar tape storage platform and three products based on that platform: Scalar i3, Scalar i6 and the StorNext AEL6 appliance. These tape libraries enable users to manage growing numbers of files by providing a high-density storage capacity with the ability to scale.

According to analyst firm Coughlin Associates, more than 60 exabytes of new storage will be required for archiving and content conversion and preservation by 2020.

Designed to help users address this future, Quantum's Scalar i3, Scalar i6 and StorNext AEL6 appliances are designed to reduce the overall storage footprint — in turn reducing facilities' power and cooling requirements — and afford users greater flexibility in keeping more content for a longer period of time.

Features include: Quantum's iLayer diagnostics resolve issues before they affect operations, to maximise library uptime and minimise operational expenses. Embedded compute capabilities eliminate the need for external application servers.

New enhancements provide a better user experience. These include a new HTTP-based interface; automated setup, configuration and management tasks via web services; an intuitive, swipe-based local user interface design; and interaction via mobile devices.

The Scalar i3 system supports up to 3PB in 12U of rack space. Scalar i6 stores more than 12PB in a single rack, claimed as the industry's highest density for LTO tape libraries. Equipped with Extended Data Lifecycle Management (EDLM), the system prevents data integrity issues from growing and affecting the availability of media. Users can set a tape-scanning policy and rely on the system to identify degraded tape conditions and subsequently trigger both the movement of files to a new tape and the updating of metadata. In addition, the system's Active Vault feature allows cold data to be vaulted inside the library at an even lower cost-per-GB, minimising cartridge handling while improving security and access to vaulted content.

The StorNext AEL6 appliance combines the Scalar i6 library with Quantum's StorNext data management software. Policy-based tiering gives users access to all data stored on tape. Like all StorNext AEL appliances, the AEL6 is available with slot-based licensing that facilitates incremental scaling of the system to accommodate business growth.

“The industry-leading density and advanced features of our new Scalar and StorNext AEL tape archives make it easier and more cost-effective for media companies to hold onto more content — content they might once have thrown away but that could have future value — and to manage the much larger files generated by the shift toward UHD, higher dynamic range and higher frame rates,” says Dave Frederick, Senior Director of Media and Entertainment, Quantum. “These factors signal a strong future for large-scale archives on tape, and our new Scalar platform provides the scalability, durability and economy of storage that are essential in long-term content preservation."

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