O2 Czech Republic Broadcasts Czech Football Major League With Compact HD OB Van

German-based system integrator Broadcast Solutions has delivered a new compact OB Van, as well as a supporting van (to accommodate tripods, cameras, cable drums, etc.), to mobile network company O2 Czech Republic. The vans will be used to televise the live matches of the Czech premier football league.

Working with Slovak partner ELEKTRONIKA, Broadcast Solutions designed a customized variant of its Streamline S16 OB Van, which was built and delivered to the customer within three months of commissioning.

Representing its first collaboration with O2 Czech Republic, Broadcast Solutions delivered a Streamline S16 that represents the next generation of pre-engineered OB Vans. It measures 13.60 meters long and includes: 14 Grass Valley LDX HD cameras; 2 Grass Valley Hi Speed cameras; 2 Mini Cams; up to 18 Fujinon lenses; a SAM Kahuna production switcher (72 inputs/32 outputs); a Grass Valley NVision 144x288 video router; 22 NEC and 5 TV-Logic video monitors; 5 EVS XT-3 servers (8 channels each); Lawo VSM Control; Riedel MicroN and Axon Synapse modular gear; a Grass Valley Kaleido multiviewer; Imagine Communications graphics; a Studer Vista V audio mixing console; and a Riedel, Artist 128 intercom system and MediorNet A/V Real-time Network.

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