Globecast Helps Korean Broadcaster Reach UK and Ireland

Arirang TV, a Seoul, Korea-based public service broadcaster—which provides a mix of English language news, cultural programs, educational shows and documentaries—was the first Korean channel available to Sky viewers in the UK. The network is now launching a new HD channel on Sky’s satellite platform in the UK and Ireland with the help of satellite bandwidth provider Globecast.

Globecast said it opens up global opportunities in broadcasting by making content distribution and management simple. On top of the ground services and satellite capacity, Globecast provided Arirang TV with assistance and guidance to gain a European Broadcasting License, coordinated with the UK satellite platforms Sky and Freesat, and worked with PRS regarding the channel’s music licensing.

“In a country as multicultural as the UK, there’s a huge demand for programming from different International broadcasters,” said Didier Mainard, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Communications at Globecast. “The reach of our network, our strong relationships platform operators and the expertise and knowledge of our staff on the ground were key to the success of this project.”

Leo Park, Senior Manager Satellite Distribution and Marketing at Arirang TV, said they chose Globecast to deliver their content because of its reputation, network reach and strong relationships with platforms like Sky.

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