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Henry Engineering Debuts Systems Alert Monitor

The Henry Engineering’s Systems Alert Monitor is a versatile “watchdog” that monitors the equipment and systems of a broadcast facility. SAM provides an instant visual, audible, and email notification if anything goes wrong or needs attention.

Systems Alert Monitor (SAM) from Henry Engineering is designed for radio and television monitoring applications. It monitors up to 15 status inputs from external station equipment.

Virtually any message can be displayed when triggered.

Virtually any message can be displayed when triggered.

When a fault is detected, SAM generates an “Alert” text message that is displayed on a video monitor. In addition to visual Alerts, audible alerts and email notifications can also be triggered.

SAM’s Alert messages could indicate equipment failure or other significant conditions or malfunctions such as OFF AIR, NO AUDIO, EAS ALERT, HIGH SWR, and more. For example, SAM can detect a ringing phone line such as a control room phone or studio hotline.

A SAM video display can be installed in a studio, engineering shop, or anywhere in a facility where people are available to keep an eye on the station’s technical health and overall status.

SAM lists for less than $700 USD and begins shipping in November.

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