Drone Racing Producer Goes HD with Amimon

​ProSight will enable FPVlive.tv to further the growth of live stream broadcasting of FPV Sporting Events in High Definition (HD) through a higher quality viewing experience.

FPVlive.tv, a live stream production company specialising in first person view action like drone racing has partnered with Amimon to use the vendor’s HD transmission solution ProSight.

As part of the partnership, views from FPV UAVs equipped with the ProSight system at events will be incorporated into the live streams provided by FPVlive.tv, “providing a significant improvement in the quality and consistency of the images presented”. The streaming service typically receives more than 10,000 views for each major FPV Sporting event.

The first FPVlive.tv digitally-enabled streaming took place at the MultiGP 2016 Drone Racing Championship held in Muncie, Indiana. Several pilots used the ProSight system in the competition, opting for its superior image quality and consistency provided by the zero-latency, all-digital technology.

In addition, a dedicated all-digital race was held during the Championship, giving the chance for 10 pilots flying simultaneously, taking advantage of ProSight digital frequency management capabilities.

“The future of FPV is digital so we are proud to engage with Amimon's ProSight in what we expect to be a rapid and widespread adoption of this technology. In side by side comparisons with analog transmission, the difference is dramatic,” said Todd Wahl co-founder/director of operation at FPVlive.tv. “It’s a huge step forward in the quality and performance of race viewing, and makes the sport more consumable and palatable. Using ProSight will be a great enhancement to how we are able to deliver the action to fans worldwide via FPVlive.tv.

“Our organizations have a mutual goal of making FPV racing a higher quality and accessible sport for both pilots and fans. Through the combination of the reach and professional broadcast capability of FPVlive.tv and the industry’s only all-digital video transmission system, we expect to see rapid increase in the popularity of the sport. And debuting the partnership at the MultiGP championships is a great way to showcase how this can improve the whole racing experience,” said Uri Kanonich, vp of marketing for ProSight.

The ProSight all-digital system significantly improves image quality and reduces transmission signal issues, enabling a new level of immersive experience and precision vision for both the pilots and spectators. It consists of a real-time HD camera, transmitter and receiver, all based on proven technology from CONNEX by Amimon. The ProSight solution addresses issues that have plagued first generation analog FPV products, including unclear images, and jammed frequencies caused by multiple simultaneous users.

FPVlive.tv was the first to have live real-time stats (lap times, pilot names, positions, etc.) included in a livestreamed Drone Racing Event (MegaDroneX). Additionally, FPVlive.tv has delivered the only FPV Drone Racing Sport livestream which included continuous action, live stat’s, commercials, interviews, live chat feedback and live commentary that did not disrupt the race workflow (2016 MultiGP Miami State Finals).

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