Gitzo Debuts Systematic Camera Tripod Line

Gitzo has introduced the new generation Systematic tripod family and the latest Monopod family, setting new high-end industry standards in tripods.

The Gitzo Systematic tripod family is designed for users who use long lenses and heavy cameras and require extreme precision in their work and equipment. The leg tubes have been upgraded to Gitzo’s latest generation Carbon eXact, improving the balance between rigidity and weight.

New 50mm diameter big feet enable ultimate stability, preventing slipping and movement. The new G-lock Ultra allows more comfortable operation and protection while the leg angle selectors guarantee a quicker switch between leg angles.

The new Gitzo Systematic models feature the Easy Link attachment, a ⅜-inch thread through which an array of accessories can be attached to facilitate the most advanced shooting techniques. The tripods are offered in a new sizing assortment.

The new Gitzo Monopods are a combination of rigidity, light weight, precision, rapid set up speed and ergonomics. Thanks to Carbon eXact tubing and G-lock Ultra leg locks the monopods are stronger. Their new big foot ensures rock-solid footing on any surface while providing smooth movement with its integrated ball.

Pricing for the new Systematic tripods starts at $827.54. The new Systematic monopods are available from $273.68.

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