Tascam Introduces Ultra Compact Belt-Pack Audio Recorder for Videomakers

Tascam has introduced the DR-10L, an ultra-compact recorder with lavalier microphone that delivers high quality audio in a tiny, easily concealed package that eliminates the uncertainties of wireless microphone systems.

Featuring a professional-quality lavalier microphone and ultra-compact body pack, the Tascam DR-10L captures 48kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV files to tiny microSD or microSDHC cards, powering through up to ten hours of recording on a single AAA battery.

Clip the DR-10L to talent, press record and know with confidence that every sound will be captured. Like its siblings, the DR-10X plug-on ENG recorder and the DR-10SG shotgun mic recorder, the DR-10L is packed with professional features, including a built-in limiter to prevent distortion and a low-cut filter to reduce wind and rumble noise. 

It has a bright OLED display that's easily readable even in direct sunlight. A dual recording mode captures a lower level safety track to safeguard against unexpected source level spikes.

For interviews and documentaries, the DR-10L is a dependable alternative to a traditional RF system, giving users the confidence of a high-quality recording.

The DR-10L is expected to ship in late October with a street price of $199.99.

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