Ocean Way Now Shipping New Near and Mid-Field Audio Monitors

Ocean Way Audio is now delivering its new Pro2A, HR4 and HR4S near and mid-field audio monitors. The speakers offer a 100x40 degree dispersion pattern, allowing everyone in the control room to hear what the mixing engineer has created.

Ocean Way said the HR4 and HR4S have massively accurate sweet spots due to a dual/hybrid waveguide engineered using 3D modeling. It is cast in a stone-like resin.

HR4 series speakers are offered in a two and three-way configuration and are 25.5 wide. Starting at $6,000 a pair, these self-powering monitors can handle a wide range of professional audio applications.

Allen Sides with Ocean Way Pro2A monitor

Allen Sides with Ocean Way Pro2A monitor

The Ocean Way Pro2A, priced at $3,500 a pair, has a high frequency driver with a silk fabric dome design for excellent mechanical linearity. The low frequency driver has a geometrically reinforced aluminum cone with vented cast aluminum chassis yielding optimum strength and low compression.

The Pro2A has 250 watts per side amplification with digital and analog inputs, which accept 24 bit/192kHz data streams.

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