Audio-Technica Launches Alteros, a New Subsidiary Company for Wireless

Audio-Technica has launched Alteros, a new company dedicated to the research, development and sales of technology focused on high-end wireless for broadcast, live audio and theater applications in the ever-shrinking frequency spectrum.

Audio-Technica said the new company will develop products capitalizing on A-T’s years of extensive ultra-wideband (UWB) and RF technology research.

Alteros, Audio-Technica said, will be changing the rules on how audio professionals address the ongoing issues of frequency spectrum allocation, frequency auctions and frequency coordination.

Nearly ten years ago, the company developed the first commercial sound implementation of UWB technology with its SpectraPulse ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless microphone system, which at the time completely bypassed the increasingly congested RF environment.

Years of research and refinement have resulted in a powerful technology platform that allows wireless freedom even for the most demanding users in the most demanding environments.

“Alteros represents Audio-Technica’s absolute dedication and commitment to developing the highest-level technical tools in support of the high-end audio market. Our first product addresses the issues facing broadcasters and audio professionals operating in the wireless realm,” said Phil Cajka. 

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