Antelope Audio Shows New Audio Interfaces

Antelope Audio will showcase its new FPGA-based vintage FX interfaces, along with several of its Thunderbolt-compatible interfaces, at this year’s AES Convention in Los Angeles.

Antelope Audio will also introduce several new hardware-based models to its growing family of FPGA-based FX. The new equalizers—which will be included as a free update with its Goliath, Zen Tour, Orion Studio and Orion32+ Thunderbolt interface platforms, join the growing range of vintage FPGA-based FX offered by Antelope Audio that feature near-zero latency performance and the authentic sound character of the original gear.

The new FX models include the classic NEU-W492 and NEU-W495 equalizers, as well as four new 4K series models including VEQ-4K Orange, VEQ-4K Pink, VEQ-4K Black and VEQ-4K Brown. Each of the new FPGA-based FX are expected to be available by the end of October, 2016 and join other significant vintage FX that are already available, including the FET-A76, Helios 69, Lang PEQ2 and others.

Also new, the NEU-W492 is based on the circuitry design of the original, carrying its classic, signature sound. As a favorite mastering tool of generations of record producers and sound engineers, the unit features a 4-band EQ with bypass available for each band or the entire unit. Versatile and simple to use, the NEU-W492 is particularly powerful in the midrange, delivering a warm analog sound character.

Meanwhile, the NEU-W495 is based on the original mixer strip designed for mastering consoles. This mixer module features a 3-band EQ, which allows bypassing of each band or the entire unit. From a sonic perspective, the NEU-W495 is able to fatten bass much like an analog EQ, and in ways that are not possible with typical software plug-ins. The NEU-W495 is also highly effective in smoothing out mid and high frequencies.

Modeled after another 60’s legend, the NEU-PEV is able to bring more presence to your mix with deep bass, spacey mids and convincing, spatial highs. The unit features just four knobs—a bass low shelf at 60 Hz, a mid knob with seven frequencies and a high shelf knob for the highs at 10kHz. A very musical EQ, the NEU-PEV is able to color mixes and instruments with a fabulous analog touch—in a way that only real hardware can do.

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