Solid State Logic Launches Latest Version of Nucleus2

At AES 2016 Solid State Logic showcased a new version of its professional DAW controller, audio interface and studio monitoring hub, called Nucleus2. Since release in 2010 Nucleus has been recognized as an ideal tool for professional producers who require multi-DAW control, SSL console grade mic preamps, DAW I/O and studio monitoring.

SSL introduced the original Nucleus five years ago and felt it was time to add some features that customers have requested to make Nucleus2 an even better fit for the professional in-the-box studio. A key addition is a Talkback input with adjustable gain that feeds the headphone output. A large TALK button is added near the transport controls and the talk circuit can trigger a switchable -20dB DIM in the monitor outputs if desired. Another popular request was the addition of a second set of speaker outputs and a ‘MINI’ monitor button in the center section for comparing mixes on different systems.

The USB soundcard in Nucleus has been replaced with a new SSL Dante Network I/O audio interface. In a personal studio where direct connectivity to a DAW computer is required, Dante is a simple ‘single Ethernet cable’ alternative to Thunderbolt or USB, with latency of only 4ms when used with the supplied Dante Virtual Soundcard software running on your DAW computer. In a larger multi-space facility Dante is a state of the art audio over IP audio networking technology that facilitates low latency audio sharing between multiple computers. Dante enables users to combine audio devices from a wide range of audio manufacturers on a network and share audio between them.

To support networked environments, Nucleus2 features a built-in network switch with two Ethernet ports; one port for connection to your computer, and one port for adding other Dante devices to your setup. In addition, the Talkback signal can be switched to feed channel 2 of the Dante interface for remote communication to other rooms over a network.

Planning for availability in November, Nucleus2 also includes talkback, main/mini monitor switching, a change to Dante connectivity and a new white look.

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