ATC Introduces SCM12 Pro - A Passive Near Field Audio Monitor

ATC, a specialist British loudspeaker manufacturer, has announced the SCM12 Pro monitor, a cost-effective, high-performance, two-way compact passive nearfield audio monitor.

ATC said the SCM12 Pro offers excellent performance at a lower price point without compromising component quality. It achieves this in a more compact, installation-friendly footprint suited to nearfield monitoring as well as multichannel music and post-production applications.

The SCM12 Pro is available for $1,500 per pair and is available in October, 2016. Though the SCM12 Pro is the most affordable model in ATC’s professional range of loudspeakers, the monitor makes use of hand-built mid/bass and tweeter, both built at ATC’s UK facility.

The tweeter is a 25mm/one-inch soft-dome designed around ATC’s dual-suspension technology. Unlike conventional tweeters, this one employs two suspensions, offering greater control of the voice coil and dome motion — especially at higher sound pressure levels.



The result is an extended high-frequency response with greater clarity and definition due to the reduction in harmonic distortion. Listener fatigue is also reduced, resulting in users being able to work for longer periods with better accuracy.

At the lower end of the frequency spectrum, mid/bass reproduction is handled by ATC’s 150mm/six-inch CLD drive unit. Using a 45mm/1.75-inch diameter voice coil, and employing an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) optimized high-energy symmetric gap motor system, the driver is capable of excellent dynamic range with minimal power compression.

Cone construction has ATC’s Constrained Layer Damping (CLD), a process that uses multiple laminated fabric cones to form a stiff, light and well-damped structure. This creates a smoother on- and off-axis frequency response and also a reduction in distortion leading to a more lifelike reproduction of source material. Audio judgements and decisions can be made more quickly, more accurately and for longer periods of time.

ATC said the perfect partner of the SCM12 is the 150W- per-channel P1 Pro dual-mono power amplifier, both in terms of power output and its outstanding resolution. A package price of $3744.98 is available for both the speakers and amp.

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