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Polaroid Introduces Travel-Sized Brightsaber Handheld LED Light Wand

Polaroid has introduced the Brightsaber travel light wand, a portable device that features 98 high-powered LEDs with an output of 1500 lumens and color range from 3200k to 5500k.

Polarioid said the Brightsaber, weighing under two pounds, offers 10 power settings and four color filters to offer videographers maximum control and creativity when lighting their handheld shoots. The detachable wand handle allows users to break the wand down into an ultra-compact size for easy transport.

The high-powered LEDs deliver maximum illumination in any lighting situation, yet Polaroid said it costs less than other comparable wands on the market

Brightsaber Pro

Brightsaber Pro

For more lighting power, Polaroid also offers the Brightsaber Pro LED model with 298 LED bulbs. The pro version delivers true daylight color that is soft yet powerfully projected and evenly dispersed. Users can easily set the light to a rapid or slow flash with the press of a button.

The pro model also features a tungsten color temperature filter, giving users the ability to add dramatic lighting effects without the need for additional devices.

The Polaroid Brightsaber travel light wand is priced at $99.99 and includes a wand lamp, lamp handle and color filters. The Pro version is priced at $162.29 and ships with a lamp, filter, remote control, battery, AC power adapter, case and manual.

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