ENCO Releases Version 3 Of Its enCaption Captioning Solution

ENCO Systems has released its next generation automated captioning solution for live or recorded video. Called enCaption3 R3, it is a real-time automated captioning system for television broadcasters that does not require special voice training.

The ENCO system consists of a rack-mount processor unit that provides a serial data stream (CEA-608), feeding a captioning encoder. The enCaption3 R3 solution allows broadcasters to serve their hearing impaired audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional captioning services and is always available for live and breaking news, weather, and events. It does not require any user intervention and automatically captions what is spoken, even if the talent goes off script. ENCO offers enCaption3 R3 in over 20 different languages.

As a fully automated, speaker independent speech recognition-based system, the enCaption3 captioning solution is not an ENR/prompter based system, nor is it a “re-speaking” system requiring live personnel to operate.

Linking enCaption 3 to an existing electronic newsroom system allows it to automatically access current and historical script information to build a local dictionary that leads to improved accuracy over time. Users can feed enCaption specific scripts for presentations, meetings or other productions. The enCaption 3 solution is not ideal for use where background noise is high or scoring or other musical elements are present mixed underneath spoken voices. When a clean audio feed and script material (used to build and maintain a local dictionary) is provided, enCaption 3 gets the job done reliably, accurately and at a significant cost savings.

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