PBT EU Intros SubtitleNext at IBC

The SubtitleNext platform has the capability to dramatically improve caption and subtitling speed and efficiency, and it simplifies the processes throughout the entire work cycle.

PlayBox Technology EU (PBT EU) made a successful IBC2016 debut showcasing many new products, including the advanced software platform SubtitleNext.

SubtitleNext is a software platform for creation, management, burning, airing and conversion of subtitles, captions and other text services for broadcast TV and multiple other industries.

SubtitleNext improves speed and efficiency, and also simplifies the processes thought the entire work cycle. The software is suitable for both newcomers and highly demanding industry professionals.

SubtileNext combines its 25 years history with the latest standards and expectations in the field. The product supports most of the historic and existing subtitling and media protocols, standards and formats and can easily be extended with new options.

The product line includes several software licensing levels and options, ranging from entry level SubtitleNext Novice, right up to SubtitleNext Expert.

Windows 10 support is new, as is support of video formats 4k, 8k, 16k, and all possible frame rates: 23.96, 50, 59.94, 60, 120, and custom.

A new rendering engine provides full Unicode support, RTL, complex writing, language shaping and limitless visual subtitle stylings support. New subtitle formats support WebVTT, SMPTE-TT and SoftNI.

The Closed Captions support 708/608 CC (MCC/SCC).

This year's IBC marks PBT EU’s first year as a stand-alone exhibitor.

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