Presonus Portable Headphone Amplifier Offers Good Sound Anywhere

Virtually everyone working in pro audio needs to monitor sound on headphones in the field. Sometimes the task is difficult if the right kind of headphone amplifier is not available. Presonus has addressed the issue with its new HP2, a small pocket-sized headphone amplifier that offers both good quality and low cost.

Of course, there are a ton of headphone amplifiers out there, but Presonus hit a hot spot with a compact amplifier that is light in weight, easy to power and can drive very clean audio to just about any professional headphones as well as in-ear monitors.

The Presonus HP2, priced at $109.95, has two XLR line-level inputs and one stereo 1/8-inch headphone output with volume control. Operation can be switched between stereo and mono, and a pan knob is provided.

The small amp is built well and mounts on a microphone stand or clips to a belt. A mic stand mounting adapter is included. The total weight is one pound and is 5.2 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches in size.

The HP2 can be powered with an external DC 9-volt power supply, which is included, or with a nine-volt battery that lasts more than seven hours and includes an LED battery indicator. The AC adapter even comes with a world adapter kit for electrical outlets around the world.

The device has a 3.5 mm TRS phone jack for the headphones and introduces a cable with a 5-pin mini XLR connector to two female full size XLR connectors. It has a maximum input level of +4 dBV and an input impedance of 15 Kohms.

The headphone inpedance working range is >12 ohms, frequency response is 30 Hz to 20 kHz and its offers a maximum output of 50 mW per channel.

The Presonus HP2 is a reasonably priced headphone amp that is small enough for anyone’s sound kit. It offers excellent sound quality, plenty of volume and long operating life for a range of audio situations in the field.

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