SeaChange NitroX Multiscreen User Experience Family Completes Transformation to Software Company

Multiscreen software vendor SeaChange International unveiled its NitroX user experience family for the main device platforms at IBC 2016 designed to optimize video consumption across live, on-demand and OTT services. The platform has a particular focus on RDK-based customer premises equipment running SeaChange’s Nucleus video gateway software, but also supports Android TV, iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as various set-top boxes.

In fact a key selling point is the product’s agnosticism, which means it can be delivered via the same software stack within SeaChange’s Adrenalin back office platform over either RDK based HFC cable plant, or IP infrastructures. Indeed to facilitate deployment within such infrastructures, NitroX is pre-integrated with Adrenalin, as was pointed out by Marek Kielczewski, SeaChange's Senior Vice President of Customer Premises Equipment Software. "Our new generation NitroX products provide a ready-to-deploy multiscreen user experience that's pre-integrated with SeaChange's widely deployed Adrenalin multiscreen platform and Nucleus client software stack for rapid introduction of enhanced subscriber capabilities to drive content use and revenues for our customers," said Kielczewski.

Marek Kielczewski, SeaChange's Senior Vice President of Customer Premises Equipment Software.

Marek Kielczewski, SeaChange's Senior Vice President of Customer Premises Equipment Software.

With the launch of NitroX, SeaChange has effectively completed its transformation from a vertically integrated hardware business into a software company whose products will run “horizontally” across multiple target platforms. This is a common industry trend with the growth of virtualized infrastructures within which key video processing and content management functions are deployed as portable software running on readily deployable and scalable commodity hardware units.

SeaChange now presents its software products under four headings: User Experience, Content Management, BackOffice and Advertising, with NitroX in the first of these categories. Yet the company’s Rave family could be said to constitute a fifth category pitched specifically at premium OTT video delivery. It embraces all four other categories within an end to end managed OTT service from content ingest and preparation, promotions management, revenue enhancement and asset protection to delivery and reporting. SeaChange is pitching Rave not just at broadcasters and pay TV operators but also media companies, sports leagues and other content providers to manage and deliver on-demand and live services across multiple networks and devices.

Rave featured in SeaChange’s other major announcement at IBC 2016, which was its adoption by non-theatrical film and TV distributor, Filmbankmedia, to launch streaming services for schools, hotels and hospitals. Filmbankmedia’s streaming offering based on Rave will deliver film and TV from leading Hollywood, Bollywood and independent studios, with the firm describing going direct to customers as a “major step” for the company.

Filmbankmedia is the trading name of Filmbank Distributors Limited, a joint venture company owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Sony Pictures Releasing and NT Digital Partners.

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