Shotover Shows Professional Grade Drone and Broadcaster-Optimized F1 Live Helicopter Mount at IBC

Shotover demonstrate its U1 drone and F1 Live aerial video shooting technology — designed for broadcast production — at IBC 2016.

Shotover said the F1 Live is a variant of its U1 drone that was developed to meet the needs of the broadcast and ENG markets. The F1 Live, for helicopter mounting, supports all major broadcast cameras, including both 4K and 2K models, and comes configured and set up from the factory with the customer’s camera and lens system of choice.

Offering an optional geo-referenced overlay to help broadcasters quickly identify ground locations and addresses during fast moving assignments, the F1 Live also comes equipped with the Shotover Rain Spinner, a tool for keeping the lens clear when shooting in wet conditions.

Shotover U1 Drone

Shotover U1 Drone

The six-axis gyro-stabilization of the F1 allows users to capture shots without getting stuck in gimbal lock. It features multi-user support, enabling different operators to save their preferences in the system. The open platform design of the F1 makes it future proof.

The Shotover U1 is a professional grade, unmanned aerial vehicle for the broadcast, motion picture, law enforcement and industrial survey markets. Exceeding existing standards for drone cinematography, the U1 can accommodate cinema quality cameras and lenses including the 6K RED Weapon, ARRI Alexa Mini, Phantom Flex4K and Sony F55 cameras and with the Canon 17-120mm, Fujinon 85-300 and Optimo 28-76 lenses.

The U1 includes redundant flight control and battery systems, customized downlink with two HD video feeds and reliable stability even at full zoom.

U1 Motor

U1 Motor

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