TMD and ERA Jointly Launch An Affordable Cloud Archive Service

At IBC 2016, TMD and ERA announced a joint venture to create a new low-cost cloud subscription service called Coeus.

TMD and ERA said Coeus will be hosted in ERA’s dedicated data center in the UK and offers a comprehensive range of asset management applications which run on TMD’s Mediaflex-UMS platform. The first service offered will be for cloud archiving and provides an intuitive web client to allow users to manage, archive and restore their media content.

The cloud service can readily scale from systems for small workgroups to larger enterprises. The result is a managed digital content library which is media aware and maintained by a media specialist company.

Tony Taylor, chairman and founder of TMD

Tony Taylor, chairman and founder of TMD

“Because this is targeted at media and production companies who want to be able to access their content, we have built the costs around moving and restoring large files cost effectively,” said Tony Taylor, chairman and founder of TMD. “We have been able to build a pricing structure which is very attractive.”

The new service will be accessible through a basic web interface. The initial cloud offering concentrates on TMD’s Paragon media services application for archiving. In due course, other applications such as OnPoint for post production, Chameleon for DAM and Aperture for ingest will be introduced.

A free trial will be available at 

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