PESA and VIQ Collaborate On Multi-Channel Live Event Capture Playback System

At the IBC 2016 Show, PESA will demonstrate its new PESA ACES | Collaborative Content Manager (CCM) with technology partner VIQ. The company will also showcase its bundled solutions with global strategic partner Cobalt Digital, as well as its Cheetah Flex IP hybrid routing environment and Vidblox HTR converter/extender.

John T. Wright, senior vice president of sales and business development at PESA, said that they would demonstrate the company’s Cheetah Flex for broadcasters that need to work with traditional and IP-based signals. The stand will also highlight Pesa’s new collaborative solutions with VIQ and Cobalt Digital.

Produced in partnership with VIQ, a provider of digital media evidence collection and management, the CCM is designed as an affordable, multi-channel live event capture and playback system. It’s built around the PESA XSTREAM C58 or C22 and VIQ’s Satellite software to enable sophisticated file capture and management. The CCM simplifies collaboration efforts on recordings for media outlets, law enforcement, and research and development. It supports up to five video signals of various formats without synchronization or latency issues, and features secure, browser-based remote access and indexed multimedia annotations.

PESA and Cobalt Digital, a supplier of terminal and convergence technology, have complementary technologies that can be bundled to create best-of-breed solutions for broadcasters. The companies have integrated Cobalt’s BBG-1070 multi-viewer with PESA’s Cheetah and Cougar digital video routing switchers, with all information and parameters displayed on PESA’s Windows-based Cattrax control software. Plus, Cobalt’s multi-viewer technology is available as part of the PESA Blade System (PBS), which is housed in the 2 RU openGear chassis and managed by Cattrax. The PBS holds up to 10 cards, including its own dual-channel H.264 encoding and decoding cards for streaming video and Cobalt’s 9970-QS multi-viewer card.

The PBS works in conjunction with a Cheetah router to create the Cheetah Flex IP integrated routing environment. The cornerstone of PESA’s integrated AV solutions, it seamlessly integrates baseband and IP-based infrastructures, supports up to 4K resolution as well as H.264 streaming video sources, and is controlled through Cattrax.

PESA will also show its Vidblox HTR converter/extender, an ideal solution for applications that require long distance transmission of high-resolution video. Available as a card for the PBS or as a throwdown box, it incorporates HDMI technology and supports up to four I/O in a wide variety of resolutions. Easily configured by the user as a transmitter (TX) or receiver (RX), Vidblox HTR features two coax ports to extend signals up to 140m, while two optional single-mode fiber ports extend signals up to 10km. Vidblox HTR can also embed/de-embed audio from an HDMI signal, and users can select between the embedded audio or discrete audio.

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