​Primestream Xchange 5.5 and Fork 5.5 Offer VR and Metadata Tools

New from Primestream are Virtual Reality/360 workflows, enhancements to 4K, MXF workflows, and enhanced integration with NLE’s Adobe, Avid and Apple. Primestream is also showcasing FORK v5.5 and Xchange v5.0.

Xchange v5.5 is considered a major upgrade to the application that gives broadcasters and video professionals instant web access to content and connects users to their FORK Production servers for more traditional broadcast workflows. It features Workspaces, a new module for building and customising the Graphical User Interface based on how you need to work. These new GUIs can then be shared among various teams based on their workflow needs to make working more efficient. A built-in metadata tagging engine integrates with metadata sources such as Associated Press metadata platform for professionals to add accurate, comprehensive, richly detailed data, designed specifically for use by news publishers.

It also includes support for new Equirectangular Virtual Reality/360 workflows by enabling the media playback, review, and Spatial/360 markers for highlighting areas of interest in a 360° space. Content inside Xchange can also be used in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC VR for editing, including previewing and output of playback-ready VR content. Third-party plugins, like the Mettle Skybox tools, allow editors to use Oculus ® Rift® Virtual Reality goggles to view 360 content on the Premiere Pro timeline while they work.

Primestream is further introducing project-centric workflows in Xchange – enabling users and teams to create, share and collaborate on post-production projects inside Xchange, or via the Xchange panel within Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Users can now organise raw footage, or final edited programs with different languages inside Adobe Premiere Pro, easily switching between proxy and high-res source material for effective remote editing.

“Primestream works hard to support some of the world’s leading broadcasters to streamline their workflows,” comments David Schleifer, COO of Primestream. “By continuing to develop already established solutions like FORK and Xchange, we are making sure the production workflows are more efficient for sports, news, entertainment and corporate video operations.”

Also making its IBC debut is a complete redesign of Primestream FORK Content Navigator’s user experience (UX) with the module improving the speed and flexibility with searching, browsing and annotating of media. The layout dynamically collapses areas of the interface when needed and focuses the screen on the task at hand.

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